top 15 guides for dj’s

Be Passionate

When you are passionate about your profession and when your entire practice would be for Music & DJing then you will try your best to produce your best art from you after some months you will see a huge change in your way of work. 

Keep in mind I just mention Be Passionate and did not tell How to be Passionate? So, the simplest way of being passionate is to avoid showing off because when you do not care what others will say then you will find the best of yourself. 

Do not Repeat Mistakes

Whenever I perform, I try not to revise my previous mistakes. That is why I always ask the audience after the show if my performance was good enough? Because feedback always matters and when they remind me of my mistakes, I note them and practice to correct those mistakes.

 Often, when you think you are doing great and you are not making errors, maybe you are wrong that is why public opinion is important. It is essential to set a high standard for yourself in order to become a perfect Performer.

Enjoy your Work

I think our work is the most enjoyable work in the world because it is all about music, music recording and making beats, DJing can give you one thing for sure which is entertainment and enjoyment and I think if you are not enjoying your performances so maybe you are not so passionate about the work or doing it not for enjoyment but for money or something else, but remember one thing that don’t run for money run for passion and enjoy your passion and work the will automatically come.

Always Keep Practicing

There is an infamous saying and I can bet you have already heard it at least once in your life which is “Practice Makes the Man Perfect “so I think every DJ should follow this saying and always keep practicing, always try to learn new things, new beats and everything. 

Nowadays I have seen that many performers are making that same mistake which is they don’t practice and jump straight on to the stage and sometimes those performances might become the worst nightmare for them which can be a disappointment for them.

Always Be Hungry for Something New

Find DJ’s like you try to make them friends and always be hungry for learning something new, learning the best from someone is to make them friends, practice with them, make innovations in your work, try to teach each other, and try to learn from them. That is how you can learn it more quickly.

Listen other DJ’s

Search experts in this field go to their concerts and take inspiration from them, listen to them, and always try to do things the way the other big names are doing. Find what you like, from mixing style to transitions. When you know what you like and what you want to do as a DJ you will get the satisfaction you want.

Learn to Read

This heading might shock you at once but it is true and when you learn to read what others are saying you can remember things in a better way, there are tons of articles on the internet posted on several website by many famous DJ’s about numerous problems showing what DJ’s are facing right now in 2021, it is a fact that you cannot meet each and every DJ around the world in your life but you can read many and then you can learn from them.

Record Your Mixes

It is natural thing if you think that you are not ready yet to perform on a big stage but one day you will so you need to be ready for that once in a lifetime moment, you may not ready yet but I think you should record what you are producing, by recording your mixes you can listen them and learn from you lakes and mistakes and then you can improve them, just repeat these steps which are: Record > Listen > Improve by repeating these steps again and again you will learn better and produce better.

Try Different Software

There are hundreds of DJing software available on the internet, some are paid, and some are free of cost, some of the famous software which are used by many DJ’s around the world are Serato DJ, Ableton Live, pro tools, fl studio etc. There is a saying that “Not everything fits everyone” so you need to find what you fit is? You can only do that by searching for that and by trying different software.

You can learn the differences between these different software just by reading the articles available on the Internet, after reading some articles you will know the pros and cons of several DJing Software.