SolidWorks vs Revit


latest version:

SolidWorks 2021


Solidworks is a 3D CAD software that provides a platform for architects, designers, and engineers for getting their ideas into real-life projects. Being a Powerful software, it offers great features in less time and at a high speed. Whereas Revit is BIM software used by engineers, architects, and designers, allowing them to make projects and edit them accordingly.


Solidworks is used in different fields including engineering, designing, and architecture. 

By using Solidworks you can quickly edit designs or redo or undo your designs.

It can be used to design and provide a variety of services in different fields.


It is easily manageable and comfortable to use. 

It is cost-effective.

Allows a user to design and work faster and easier for 3D designing.

Time-efficient and both 2D drawings and 3D modeling can be done simultaneously. 

SolidWorks’ surfacing tools support complicated geometries that aren’t available in other programs, letting you take your surface work to new heights. You can also generate a surface from a solid model and repair existing parts in SolidWorks.


It doesn’t provide a platform for making comprehensive images from raw data so you will need some other software.

Another thing is that, when it comes to merging files with other CAD software, Solidworks is not friendly or suitable for this function. 

Solidworks only runs on Windows and doesn’t support macOS or any other OS. 


latest version:

Revit 2021 is the latest version

In 2012 Revit LT became the newest version of Revit on the market. It is a Lite version of Revit with several features such as rendering and multi-user environments removed


Revit is best for long-term projects for providing quality work.

Provides a single platform for doing multiple tasks simultaneously. 

It provides the user to design models and structures like the real world.  

It provides accuracy for your design. 


Easy to learn and have easy access.

It provides a large backup and storage for your data.

Easy to work as it doesn’t require too much hand movement.


Using Revit makes it difficult to memorize functions. 

Working on projects using Revit is time-consuming and expensive.

Being a complex software, Revit has several tools which require users to go deep to search for a particular thing that can make users annoyed or uncomfortable.


Are Solidworks and Revit the same?

If you are searching whether they both are the same or not, then the answer is no. The reason for that is Solidworks is user-friendly and best for beginners whereas Revit is for professionals and is more complex than Solidworks.