Revit VS AutoCAD


In 2012 Revit LT became the newest version of Revit on the market. It is a Lite version of Revit with several features such as rendering and multi-user environments removed


Revit is best for long-term projects for providing quality work.

Provides a single platform for doing multiple tasks simultaneously. 

It provides the user to design models and structures like the real world.  

It provides accuracy for your design. 


Easy to learn and have easy access.

It provides a large backup and storage for your data.

Easy to work as it doesn’t require too much hand movement.


Using Revit makes it difficult to memorize functions. 

Working on projects using Revit is time-consuming and are expensive.

Being a complex software, Revit has several tools which require users to go deep to search for a particular thing which can make user annoy or discomfort able.


AutoCAD 2021


2020, March 25


AutoCAD is computer-aided design software for performing 2D and 3D designing. It has made it effortless for us to draw and design 2D and 3D words more easily than doing that in my hands which causes different errors and take too much time. It also enables users to store files on the cloud safely and securely without the loss of data. This feature helps a person to view their files at any time.


While working on large projects using AutoCAD, you can easily zoom in or out and point other areas also. Moreover, a variety of tools enables you to outlook your product from different aspects.

You can rotate your drawing easily to point out any error or you can edit it by changing colors quite easily.

You can create a design easily using various tools in a short time.

Also, if any error is made then you can easily remove them by doing undo and by starting it again. 

In addition to that, it can store multiple files in a single place and data gets saved securely without any harm to your files.


It is a time saver software as it consumes less time for drawing and can even print copies of that.

It provides accuracy while loading and merging large files.

Very simple and user-friendly tool. 


AutoCAD is an expensive software as compare to others.

Needs a much powerful processing system to run.

It needs more time for a person to learn AutoCAD before using it.

If a system faces any problem or cash, then the data will be lost.