Pro Tools Vs Ableton Live in 2022(Head To Head)

Both Pro Tools and Ableton live are the most popular DAW for music production. They both have fierce competition over the years and both are the first priority of different users. Both of these software focus on providing best facilities for music production to their users. In this article we will review the differences between both of these software alongside with their pros and cons. So let’s begin

Pro Tools vs Ableton

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is a DAW which can be used on both Windows and MacOS. It is a powerful software for music production, sound recording and editing. It’s been in use for the past 30 years with multiple updates which shows how great an impact it has on musicians. Many people ask whether Pro Tools is a good software or not? If you are one of them then you can easily get your answer by looking at it’s pros and cons. 


  • It offers wide audio format capability.
  • It is highly customizable.
  • Great adaptability of tools.
  • Offers versatile features.
  • Professional and high quality plugins.


  • Crashes are common.
  • Excessive use of system specifications.
  • Monthly subscription is expensive.

Ableton Live

Like Pro Tools, Ableton Live is also a DAW but unlike other DAW it is mainly for live performance. Moreover it is also used for mixing, composing, and recording of audio. It is a powerful software for music production. It also has some pros and cons which are as follows.


  • Easy to write and record music.
  • Provides better sound quality.
  • Clear interface which offer good workflow with the performance.
  • You can easily create multiple samples and tracks of your choice.
  • You can easily export your music and songs.


  • Audio playback engine is not good.
  • Lacks track comping.
  • Very slow in switching between two tracks.
  • Pitch fixing is not available.