GarageBand Vs Studio One

GarageBand and Studio One are the two finest DAW software. Both are loved by users and have tough competition between each other. Many people ask which one is the best software among them. So for your information, we have written a detailed informative article between these two software. So let’s see the differences between them. 


GarageBand is a digital Audio Workstation developed by Apple Inc for its device users like macOS, iPadOS, and IOS. By using GarageBand, users are able to create multiple tracks with MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops and different varieties of effects and voice recordings. Its latest version is 10.2 which was released on 5th June 2017. Here are some of its pros and cons. 


  • Simple interface.
  • Visual audio levels are excellent.
  • Music recording is easy.
  • Simple and easy layout.
  • Provides cloud storage.


  • Only for IOS users.
  • No mixing console.
  • Limited user interface.
  • AU Sampler causes problems.

Studio One

Studio one is the Digital Audio Workstation for creating, recording and music production. It can run on any Operating System. It was first released in 2009.  Let’s view its pros and cons.


  • Ease of use.
  • Well designed interface.
  • Decent reverbs.
  • Superb Midi.
  • Nice GUI. 
  • Low CPU usage.


  • Little complicated for beginners.
  • Installation process is annoying.