FL Studio Vs Pro Tools in 2022(Main Differences)

When we talk about the best DAW software, FL Studio and Pro Tools are on the top of the list. Both of them gives tough competition to each other and both have more than million users around the globe. They are the first  choice of many DJs. Both have some similarities and differences.

In this article we will examine the differences between the two finest Djing software, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. So let’s start,

FL Studio Vs Pro Tools

FL Studio

FL Studio have powerful instruments and effects for sound design and sequences. It has Piano roll feature which is great for sound mixing. It comes with some extra features like audio sends, sidechain control and effect chains which are used for mixing sound. It’s sound mixing capabilities and multiple plugins which makes it best for sound mixing. FL Studio has made sound editing and mixing very simple. Moreover it can send notifications and automation data to various plugins. 


  • Good for beginners as it have simple and easy interface and functions.
  • It has one time purchase offer.
  • Have much advanced editing and manipulation features.
  • It has support community and professional software support to counter any difficulty face by user.
  • Comes in mobile version too like for android and iOS.


  • Available in few languages as compared to Pro Tools.
  • It cannot save the completed work.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is used for Music creation, sound recording and editing. It is sometimes called as simple music or sound recording workstation. When it comes to live performance and recording, Pro Tools is highly recommended Software. It can also be used for producing sounds for animation and movies. Here are pros and cons of Pro Tools which will further clear your confusion. 


  • Available in almost 8 languages.
  • More customization.
  • Strong software support.
  • Powerful editing features.
  • Best for post production.


  • Expensive .
  • Hard for beginners to understand and work with plugins.
  • Limited number of supported tracks.


Is FL Studio better than Pro Tools?

Both of these software are best in there own way. They have some similarities and some difference. Apart from this, both are best DAW software. We have mentioned complete information about both articles above here for your simplicity. 

Do professionals use FL Studio?

Yes because FL Studio is a high quality DAW therefore it is used by many professionals. Not only professionals but it’s simple functions and interface make it possible for beginners to use this software with much ease. 

Is FL Studio good for beginners?

Yes FL Studio is good for beginners. Beginners can learn using FL Studio in few days. It’s functions aren’t much hard as compared to Pro Tools.